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For product pricing & purchase, kindly contact at or call at +965 66388893 For product pricing & purchase, kindly contact at or call at +965 66388893

MA/U Studio

Established in 2012 in Copenhagen, MA/U Studio specialises in the creation of innovative furniture and shelving systems for the home, work and hospitality environment. Founded by Danish industrial designer Mikal Harrsen and Architect Adam Hall, the brand focuses on building simple yet visually striking products that deliver flexible solutions able to match the ever changing use and purposes of the modern living environments.

The core design principles of MA/U Studio are simplicity, functionality and adaptability, combining a streamlined Scandinavian aesthetic with a deep appreciation for modernism.

The brand’s collection of cleverly engineered shelving, tables and storage units stand out for their sleek lines and are quickly scalable to adapt to today’s ever-changing residential and office markets where increasingly home and work space overlap.

The final designs focus on essential forms, with a clean linear style and geometric shapes that create unpretentious, yet visually striking composition. The extraordinary balance of proportions and a stylish discretion defines each design – models are both decorative and functional.

Each piece in the collection is therefore conceived to offer complete freedom to compose a living space, blending effortlessly into its surroundings by achieving the maximum effect from minimum means. Its clean, straightforward approach has attracted admirers.

In 2017, Boffi | De Padova acquired the young Danish studio.
With new headquarters in Milan and a newly established production in Italy, MA/U Studio has skillfully integrated its Scandinavian roots with Italian know-how and uncompromised quality standards, creating a global design brand well positioned to meet the demands of a discerning clientele.

In February 2019 ADL joins the Boffi | De Padova with an initial acquisition of 50% of shares. Boffi and ADL officialised a strategic alliance to introduce a new important activity to the Group’s offer of interior design solutions and to further develop its industrial expansion, initiated in recent years with the merger of the furniture brands De Padova and MA/U Studio.