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For product pricing & purchase, kindly contact at or call at +965 66388893 For product pricing & purchase, kindly contact at or call at +965 66388893


We at Nomon are constantly interpreting and translating our client desires for unique and spectacular designs. Our area of specialization is concept design, design engineering, fabrication, and installation.

A deep understanding of the nature of materials, ranging from ceramics, glass, metals, polymers, plastics, wood, and many others, gives us the ability to provide a solution that fits both the location and budget.

Our work can be seen throughout the United States and internationally. Some of our projects include: theaters, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, retail stores, salons, health clubs, corporate offices, and private residences.

We offer design, 3d rendering, design engineering, fabrication, and installation services individually or in any combination that fits the project.

The founder and visionary, Justin Wiler, began Nomon in 2000.  After working at international architecture firms in Paris and the United States a passion developed to fill a niche much needed within the creative world.  A need for the character giving creative elements that transform a space and make it unique.

The creative and engineering lineage that preceeds Nomon is fascinating.