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House of Finn Juhl

46 Sofa

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DESIGN Finn Juhl
YEAR 1946, relaunched in 2008

Upholstery: Fabric, leather
Legs: Walnut, oak, black stained

W: 132 cm
D: 75 cm
H: 80 cm
Seat height: 42 cm

As the name suggests, this sofa was designed in 1946. The sofa was manufactured by the upholsterer Carl Brørup in his workshop in Copenhagen.

As a young man, Finn Juhl had a dream of becoming an art historian. During the 1930s and 1940s he had been strongly influenced by modern art, which was the main reason his designs took on such organic shapes with almost human-like features. He worked from the core and outwards in similar fashion to that of a surrealist artist, and was inspired by the freedom from convention reflected in art.

Just like the Pelican Chair, the 46 Sofa is also a “body for the body”. Only this “body” can accommodate two people who become one organic unit. Finn Juhl’s artistic license was heavily criticized at the time as some critics scornfully called his furniture “tired walruses”.

Viewed by today’s eyes, the 46 Sofa is a charming and cosy addition to any interior style - classic as well as modern. The sofa is masterfully built, consisting of a solid wooden frame with springs in the cushion and entirely handsewn upholstery. It is available in fabric or leather with legs in oak, walnut or black painted.