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Washbasin in matt white Corian®. Open-faced unit in matt black PaperStone®/ matt white Corian®. Dimensions: version with left or right washbasin + 1 compartment: W. 900/1100, H. 300, d. 450 mm. version with middle washbasin + 2 lateral compartments: W. 1288/1688, H. 300, d. 450 mm. version with twin washbasins + 1 lateral compartment: W. 1600/1800, H. 300, d. 450 mm.


PaperStone® PaperStone® the world’s greenest surface. PaperStone® is made from FSC certified recycled paper and cardboard, impregnated with Petrofree ® phenolic resin, derived mainly from pressing the shells of cashew nuts. A non-toxic material which, with its bright and natural colours, not only fits well into the environment but creates an holistic view of living spaces. PaperStone ® is ductile but extremely resistant and natural but, at the same time, high performing. The NSF certification, one of the most restrictive and demanding tests for surfaces suitable for contact with food, confirms this. PaperStone® “Green Your Life”