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Maison Berger

Belle Epoque Havane


Description : 

The Lampe Berger Belle Époque Havana Gift Pack is a reissue of the flagship model of the Maison Berger Paris brand. This bottle, which came out during the period between the two world wars, is inspired by the prestigious creations of the time in perfumes. This refined, classic and timeless object will be at home in a contemporary interior to add a vintage touch. Its voluptuous shape and latticework mount are distinctive and unique. The Havana colour has a slightly old-fashioned effect, and it is also noble, inspired by Cuban tobacco. This beautiful catalytic lamp purifies the air in your house and adds fragrance too. The Sandalwood Temptation fragrance is woody and enveloping, the perfect complement to the spirit of this top-of-the-range gift set. The Lampe Berger Belle Époque Havana Gift Pack is total rediscovery! Several perfume rituals are available in this new Belle Époque collection for your entire satisfaction. Lampe Berger or scented bouquet, which one will win your heart?

Lampe sold in a gift pack with wick-burner, stopper and funnel.

This gift pack contains a 250ml Sandalwood Temptation gift refill