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Biarritz - Biarritz Slim

Arcadia Is an exclusive dealer for this brand in Kuwait. You can order any product from the brand website through us. Check for other products

Dimensions: 178-188-198-218*218 *160 cm


The Biarritz bed has a majestic headboard that exemplifies the kind of intricate and sophisticated tailoring and craftsmanship the company is known for. The base of the Biarritz bed is a generously-padded classic platform base while the headboard is formed of three hinged cylindrical panels upholstered in fabric with an elegant metal bar detail capping off the upper and lower parts. The headboard is completely finished, even on the back, and can therefore be placed anywhere, even in the center of the room, to create a modern nook.

The similarities to the Biarritz bed are clear in Biarritz Slim bed but the revisited proportions of the headboard pare it down enough to allow the bed to fit easily even in smaller bedrooms.