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House of Finn Juhl

Cocktail Bench

1,923.500 KD

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CATEGORY  Bench, Table
DESIGN Finn Juhl
YEAR 1951, relaunched in 2018
Solid oak or walnut
DIMENSIONS: L 221 cm  W: 44 cm H: 40 cm

Available in stock  Barcode:  1180000008297

The economy was booming in the US during the 1950s. Hollywood and the new upper class had made cocktail parties immensely popular and Finn Juhl was readily impressed by this newfound American extravagance, which he got to experience through his new and influential American friends. For this reason, the Finn Juhl collection now contains not less than two furniture pieces inspired by the American cocktail parties in the 50’s – The round Cocktail Table and the rectangular Cocktail Bench. The bench can also be spotted in Finn Juhl's own house north of Copenhagen and is well suited as a table for art, a stack of books or a lamp. The Cocktail Bench is in solid wood and available in either walnut or oak.