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2009 Designer  Antonio Citterio

An extensive family of extremely versatile tables, coffee tables, side tables and cabinets, Fly is a genuine expression of the kind of “good design” upon which the entire Flexform collection is built. Purity of design, along with true practicality and the variety of finishes and sizes available, imbue the Fly table with amazing versatility. The table’s metal base comes in satin, chrome, burnished, black chrome or champagne finish, while the top – available in round, oval or rectangular shape, and in a number of sizes – comes in Canaletto walnut or ash, stained in an array of shades, or in marble. An extendable version of the rectangular table is also available.

130 circular*73cm
130 circular*69cm
100 *200*74cm
120 *260*74cm
100 *180*74cm  
100 *240 to 300*74cm  
100 *180 to 240*74cm