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Wall clock micro size with double ring, brass machinery and walnut needles. Dimensions: Ø42 cm.

Wall clock with double ring structure in black fiberglass that contains a graphite finished brass case and walnut hands in the center.

The whole set is grouped and held by a support with two rods and wall support that serve to indicate two time points.

Ø42 cm Micro version of the famous Barcelona watch.

This wall clock offered by Nomon is a very original accessory that is ideal for design houses since it has a style that makes it a unique piece, it combines perfectly with the various types of modern decoration that exist today.

This is the Micro version of the classic Barcelona watch by Nomon, so it has a circumference that measures 42 centimeters, standing out among the modern wall clocks that can be installed in medium or small size rooms, where it is usually highlighted by the elegant and sophisticated design that characterize it.

Ideal for apartments, kitchens, studios and small spaces.

The structure of this design watch is made up of a double ring made of black fiberglass, a circular case made of graphite finished brass, with its respective hands made of walnut.

The support of this watch is the Nomon classic, which is why it is fixed to the surface with a double-sided adhesive tape. That is, its installation is quite simple and does not require the hiring of an expert for it. In addition, it prevents perforation of the wall. All these elements of the Micro Barcelona adhesive watch are held by a support that has two rods (which fixedly point to two time points: 12 and 6) and is located at the top of the clock.

Said set of support and structure of the clock is 54 centimeters high.

The combination of its colors and materials make it a very versatile accessory. Consequently, it is ideal for modern floors with Nordic, classic, minimalist, industrial, bohemian design styles, among others. You can locate it in living rooms, the dining room, in your office or wherever you prefer, because it looks great on any surface covered in light and cold tones.