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OMBRINA 001 gazebo


OMBRINA 001 gazebo

1,608.250 KD

OMBRINA is a self-supporting sunshade of Mediterranean inspiration, which effortlessly combines a taste for craftsmanship and an industrial manufacturing capacity. Hence, OMBRINA incorporates Sciortino’s artistry in shaping metal rod, combined with the high quality outdoor materials and attention to detail typical of RODA.
It’s a sunshade with a slender tubular structure of smoke or milk coloured metal whose cover consists of grey polyester 90mm belts, which allow the sun to filter and create a relax-zone.
The parasol is fitted with wheels so that it may be easily repositioned, whenever necessary.
OMBRINA can also be provided with loose fluctuating curtains, grey or white, for a greater privacy.

Length :  284/265cm (top) - 112" / 104"2/4 Width : 200cm - 78"3/4
Width : 220/303cm (top) - 86"3/4 / 119"4/8
Height :  203cm - 80"

Structure :  Powder coated stainless steel
Support : Polyester belts / optional curtains white or grey