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The ancient tapestry techniques for sound-absorbing panels

Tapestry is a proposal that combines  Moroso creativity, Gruppo Limonta fabrics, and the innovative technology of Kvadrat sound-absorbing panels.
The project explores the ancient tapestry techniques, intertwining different and almost contrasting  expressive languages in accordance with a research path and practical experimentation. Not only tapestry is interpreted as a production technique but also as an authentic creative act.
Different figurative approaches and chromatic sensitivities find an application on a surface capable of elevating the tactile component to a cardinal dimension of the aesthetic experience. The images provoke, challenge the instinct, playing with visual perception. The private vision of the authors thus becomes the plot of a tale, which in the mass media age of digital imaging, re-evaluates the material dimension, in a relationship that binds together what is observed and its creator to the observer.
Tapestry authors are the designers Tord Boontje, Front e Patricia Urquiola, the comic artist and illustrator Gabriella Giandelli and the photographer Alessandro Paderni